Black Eye and Other Short Plays

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  2. Short plays - one minute, ten minutes, fifteen minutes... take your pick.
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For more news on Arctic developments:. Get medical help if it's not getting better or your nose has changed shape.

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You can usually treat a broken nose yourself. It should start getting better within 3 days and be fully healed within 3 weeks. If you have a large cut, a nurse or GP may clean the wound and recommend something to seal or protect it — for example, stitches or strips of surgical tape.

Table of contents Check if it's a broken nose Despite swelling and a black eye, Maya Moore will play tonight - tymijixo. Black Eye No. Grattan on Friday: When schmoozing the PM gets you a black eye.

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Kayla E. Standfest has always had a taste for contributions that wallow in scatology, with Martin Rowson's disgustingly detailed creation story a good example. Here, God is a drunkard whose excrement and bodily fluids of various kinds wind up creating the universe in a highly detailed manner. It's the kind of thing that loses its charm after one page, much less the ten grueling pages the story spanned.

Short plays - one minute, ten minutes, fifteen minutes... take your pick.

This being the final volume of the anthology, there's a running theme of visceral failure and humiliation, of things coming to a crashing halt. Their fine line and small-scale stakes are a marked contrast to the visceral, dense visual approach many of the other cartoonists use. Julia Gfroerer's one-pager about a priest seeking the confession of a "witch" tied down to a bed sees him "overcome" by the evil women's sexual powers, as he's driven to reveal her breasts. Again, it's a case of someone who is in possession of power inadvertently showing how falsely attained that power truly is.

John Maggie's power fantasy of building an exoskeleton that reveals his nude body is deflated when two women laugh at his penis, causing it to shrivel. Disease is another running theme. Nicholas Mahler's silent strip about a man expecting to get a diagnosis of crabs from a doctor and instead learning he has cancer is a masterpiece of excruciating slow humor; when he comes home to his wife, there's panel after panel of her bringing him things to the dining table before he finally tells her.

Mahler's drawing style is sort of the middle ground of styles found in the anthology: cartoony but rough around the edges.


It's visceral without relying on violence or gore. The drawings are funny-looking but serve a narrative purpose. Clara Bessijelle's story about a man who goes to a doctor because he has a black hole in his head is rendered in a naturalistic, feathery pencil style, making it all the more absurd for not only what the doctor sees but that he recommends just taking a couple of pills and calling him later.

The "shameful enlightenment" of the collection's sub-title also plays out in terms of guns, violence, and general nihilism. Max Clotfelter's autobiographical? Johnny Sampson's gag about being the only person in a two-page spread nails the insanity of a totally armed, open-carrying society. Onsmith's story about a man who starts to have unrelenting, violent images run through his head runs the gamut from hilarious to deeply disturbing.

There's a point where he's confessing these thoughts to someone the reader thinks is a therapist, but in reality, is his boss. The main character basically goes way too far in his descriptions and then doesn't stop. The equation of violent fantasies with stunted emotional growth plays out in that he takes a date to his room, only to show her that he tried to recreate his room precisely from when he was ten years old.

Title: Lemon Pie and a Black Eye Lemon Pie is a quirky tale about a man who has been dealt a bad hand in life but finds the courage - and the right props - to tickle Fortune's soft spot. Unbeknownst to him, the innocent hospital nurse Blake Daniel Ball is off to a terrible day. He commits one blunder after another before the eyes of the insinuating floor supervisor Cynthia Wegel and his maniacal boss Dr.

e-book Black Eye and Other Short Plays

Vandernet Thomas Benton. Things slip completely out of control when Blake mishandles one of the patients, the portly hip-hop wannabe Reggie Michael Barra. Out of luck and out of favor, Blake processes his emotions through his stomach. He goes to his favorite diner expecting the usual fare, only to find out that the attractive new waitress Maria Liza Burns will not put up with his antics.

Black Eye - Carolyn Gage

What follows is a game of wits with a lemon twist, but who will take the upper hand? Written by Anonymous.

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